Deciding on the duration to book your wedding photographer is a pivotal choice that influences the narrative of your special day. This decision should ideally be made with a preliminary understanding of your day's flow, including the key moments you wish to capture, travel time between venues, and your day's overall priorities.

1. Key Moments to Capture

Consider what segments of the day hold the most significance for you. Is it the anticipation during the getting-ready phase, the golden hour of sunset, or the vibrant energy of the dance floor? Identifying these moments helps delineate the timeline for which professional photography is essential.

Travel Time Considerations

Efficiently planning the day's logistics ensures valuable photography time is not lost in transit. Opting for venues and photo locations in close proximity maximizes the use of your photographer's time.

2. Prioritizing Your Wedding Day

Reflect on the experiences and feelings you wish to prioritize. Whether it's ensuring an uninterrupted flow of emotions or allocating time for meaningful locations, understanding these preferences is crucial in determining the photographer's required hours.

3. Wedding Size Implications

While the size of your wedding might not directly dictate the photography duration, larger weddings often necessitate longer coverage due to extended cocktail hours and dinner services.

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4. Evading the "Cookie-Cutter" Schedule

Beware of standard wedding schedules that unnecessarily extend the day. Focused planning, centered around your priorities rather than conventional timelines, can often fulfill your photography needs within 6-8 hours, avoiding the fatigue and diminishing returns of a lengthier coverage.

5. The Verdict: Booking Duration

For most weddings, a 6-8 hour booking is adequate to capture the essence of the day without succumbing to the pitfalls of an elongated schedule. This timeframe typically covers everything from preparation to the reception's key moments, provided the day is planned with intentionality.

6. Emotion-Driven Planning

At David Sornberger Photography, we offer bespoke emotion-driven planning consultations. This personalized approach allows us to align with your vision, suggesting a timeline that captures your day's spirit while keeping the energy high and downtime minimal.

Final Thoughts

While general advice leans towards caution, suggesting longer coverage, our experience shows that a focused, priority-based schedule often meets, if not exceeds, expectations within a 6-8 hour window. Should you find yourself debating the ideal coverage length, consider starting with a shorter booking. You can always extend hours as your wedding's timeline becomes clearer, ensuring your photography aligns perfectly with your day's unique rhythm.

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