NEW VIDEO - Using ND Filters for Long Exposure Water Photography

Using ND Filters for Long Exposure Water Photography

May 22, 2019

In this video, I'll be exploring Burleigh Falls, an area of fast-moving water, which is perfect for using ND filters to get that really milky water effect in full daylight. This episode isn't focused on settings. Instead, it's more about enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon while immersing myself in one of the things I love the most - photography.

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Apr 22, 2019

Lightroom Tip 1 - Keyboard Shortcuts in Lightroom Classic CC

These are a few of the keyboard shortcuts that I use every day. It will definitely speed up tasks that would normally take double or triple the time to do if you were to only navigate the menus with a mouse. Note: These are shortcuts for the macOS. 

Lightroom Tip 2 - Auto Tone (U)

Using Auto Tone, Lightroom will intelligently tweak your photo’s highlights, shadows, exposure, clarity, etc. This is really...

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14 Tips for Long Exposure Photography

Mar 30, 2019

Long exposures enable us to see otherwise impossible-to-see worlds with our own eyes. Our eyes see the world around us by recording moments in time but we cannot see movement as a fixed image. Perhaps this is why long exposure photography sparks our imagination and why it is so appealing to us.

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What Inspires You As A Photographer?

Mar 30, 2019

Let’s face it, we’ve all been here before. We start off being in love with photography – the camera, the lenses, the accessories. We dream of creative and artistic compositions and editing techniques. Eventually, though, the enthusiasm begins to fade and you feel like you’re taking the same photos over and over again. I mean, who wants to get up at sunrise all the time!

This probably sounds odd, and it’s true for me, but I believe that this is a cycle that I had...

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The BEST Lightroom Export Settings for Instagram Photography

Mar 30, 2019

In this video, I share the BEST Lightroom Export Settings for Instagram Photography. I explain each and every step of the settings used to optimize your images for Instagram:

  • Cropping using the correct aspect ratio
  • How to avoid Instagram using its algorithm to compress images
  • File format
  • Image quality setting
  • How to limit the file size and maximize photo quality
  • sRGB colour space
  • Landscape and portrait settings
  • Resolution

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Winterlude Photography in Ottawa, Ontario

Feb 19, 2019

Join me for a fun weekend in Ottawa to celebrate Winterlude, Ottawa’s EPIC winter festival! The capital region is a magical wonderland to photograph and I highlight a few of the major sights.

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