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Will Photographers Be Leaving Instagram for the Dayflash App?

Over the past couple of years I often read, what I find to be annoying, news about how Instagram and Facebook have changed their algorithms and rules. A better word (other than annoying) might be disappointing because it often seems that when a change is made, it is not helpful or favourable to photographers or other creators like me. I've chatted with many photographers and they are tired of the Instagram algorithm and that many of our followers aren't seeing our latest posts. We’re also unhappy with the Instagram crop and the over compression of our images.

As credit to Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), they recently announced that they are trying to steer the focus of followers to quality posts by hiding the number of likes posts receive for users in 7 countries. Users are still able to see the number of likes and views their own posts have received.

Co-founders Anthony Morgan and Rupali Renjen collaborated with hundreds of creatives, photographers and users while developing the Dayflash app. They explain that it is a "free mobile app and social networking platform that’s unlocking the full potential of public self‑expression and community around interests. We're focused on spotlighting and connecting millions of people from the next generation who publicly share photos and short videos to entertain or inspire."

“We’ve invented a unique fullscreen image display format that is the first of its kind and that makes people’s photos look more immersive and beautiful than ever before on a mobile photo sharing app.” — Anthony Morgan, Co-founder, Dayflash.

You can use Dayflash to...

  • Connect with people, discover fresh photos—and be visually inspired.

  • Share photos in a unique and immersive full-screen image display format—it makes your photos look more beautiful and lifelike than ever before.

  • Enjoy hashtagless discovery—add keywords to your account once, and that’s it.

  • Experience a more immersive way to view and like the latest photos from the people you follow on your chronological Home feed. And, did we mention... no algorithm & no more missing posts from your friends!

  • And, if you and your friends like great photos but don’t often create them yourselves, join a community of "Photo Reflashers" who reflash great photos they love to their friends and followers, while bringing more visibility and appreciation to creators, and igniting conversation around their photos and videos.

Dayflash isn't exactly a brand new app. It was made available on Thursday, March 29, 2018. Since then, the creators have been touting it as a social community and vertical photo sharing platform that emphasizes authenticity, creative self-expression, and aesthetic full screen images.

One of the features that I love about Dayflash is that I can view other people’s full screen photo collections in sequence on the reverse-chronological feed. Also, Dayflash doesn’t over compress photos and minimize quality like other popular photo apps. One characteristic I noticed right away is that photos and videos looked sharper. This is because photos are always rendered in HD quality (1080p). By default, photos are always displayed in a full-screen style, which makes it more of an immersive and life-like experience for users. I also really like the simple navigation of the app. It's really easy to tap back and forth, to swipe up to read comments, or to swipe down to quickly like a photo.

Final Thoughts:

I've only used the Dayflash app for less than a week but I can tell that a lot of work has went into its development by taking input from from hundreds of content creators and image influencers. It definitely offers a unique photo and video sharing service that complements traditional platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s for anyone who has a passion for photos and videos. Unlike Instagram, I find sharing photos and videos more enjoyable again using Dayflash.

Do I think that Dayflash will completely replace Instagram for sharing photos? A hard "no" is my response. And that's okay. It's not supposed to. The creators of Dayflash are merely trying to make your social media experience a bit better – for you and your followers. People will likely use Dayflash alongside their other photo apps, because there are differences about Dayflash that people will enjoy and that no other app provides. I do believe that this app, compared to Instagram, could spark even better public interest around great social and visual content on mobile

Where Do I Download the Dayflash App?

The Dayflash app is available to download for free on the iPhone App Store. An Android version will be available in the near future. You can submit your email address for an email invitation to join Dayflash when the Android version is available using this form.