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Luminar 4 Announcement Features AI Sky Replacement

Skylum is gearing up for its release of Luminar 4, set to ship this fall. The big new feature is AI Sky Replacement. What is AI Sky Replacement? This is definitely more than just masking. It’s available for preorder now and it will be available this fall.

There are two bundle offers:

  1. Luminar 4 + Signature Looks bundle for US$59 instead of US$138

  2. Luminar 4 + Signature Looks + Luminar 3 bundle for US$89 instead of US$207

Current Luminar 3 owners pay $49 only:


Skylum said in their press release that there will be 60+ improvements and new features in the new Luminar 4 and that AI Sky Replacement is just one of the many incredible features that make this new version of the award-winning photo editor a real game changer.

Along with more new AI tools, exclusive filters, instant Looks, and a photo organizer, Luminar 4 should be a very intriguing new version to examine. You can be sure that I'll be doing a few YouTube videos about these new updates when it is released in the fall. If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, just hit the subscribe button here.