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Apple's iOS 13 brings new photo and camera tools

You can apply filters and effects to videos without a third-party app.

Apple today announced new photography and video features coming to its native Camera and Photos app this fall with the release of iOS 13. They are making it easier to browse, view and edit your photos and videos.

Portrait Lighting Control

Portrait Lighting Control Virtually adjust the position and intensity of each Portrait Lighting effect, so you can easily sharpen eyes or brighten and smooth facial features just like a photographer would in a photo studio.

High‑Key Mono

Add a beautiful monochromatic effect to your Portrait mode photos.

All‑New Photos Tab

A new curated view of your best moments from every day, month, and year.

All‑New Photos Tab The Photos tab has been redesigned to help you find, relive, and share your favourite memories. Using on‑device machine learning, it intelligently hides similar photos and reduces clutter, like removing screenshots and receipts, so you can focus on your best shots. You’ll also see your library come to life with auto-playing Live Photos and videos.

Redesigned Editing

A streamlined editing experience gives you powerful new tools and better control over effects. Adjustment dials make it easy to apply an edit. And when you do, you can see at a glance which effects have been increased or decreased.

Powerful Video Editing

Nearly every tool and effect you use on your photos can be used on videos, including rotate, crop, and auto enhance.

Easier Browsing and Powerful Editing Tools for Photos

Using on-device machine learning, Photos curates the entire library to highlight the best images, automatically hiding clutter and similar photos to showcase significant events from the past day, month or year. Photos and videos are intelligently organized, making it easier to browse, discover and relive favourite memories, with auto play videos to bring the library to life.

Photo editing is more comprehensive and intuitive with new tools that are easier to apply, adjust and review at a glance. With just a swipe, effects can be increased or decreased to create the perfect look, providing photographers with more creative possibilities and control over their images. And in iOS 13, most photo editing tools are now available for video editing, making it possible to rotate, crop or apply filters right within the Photos app.

.With iOS 13, Portrait Lighting adjustments can be made right in the Camera app to virtually move the light closer to sharpen eyes and brighten and smooth facial features, or push the light farther away to create a subtle, refined look. A new High-Key Mono effect creates a beautiful, monochromatic look for Portrait mode photos.

iOS 13 release date schedule

  • Today, Monday, June 3: iOS 13 beta 1 and first look at WWDC 2019

  • July 2019: iOS 13 public beta will launch for adventurous testers

  • Early September 2019: iOS 13 Golden Master (final dev beta)

  • Mid-September 2019: iOS 13 likely to launch with new 2019 iPhones