If you're looking for reasons to do a first look, you've come to the right spot. When asked, "What is the first look?" It has become a modern wedding tradition for couples to meet before the ceremony. Although it's an intimate moment that makes for stunning, emotional photographs, it's also much more than that. I'll go through some of my favourite reasons for doing a first look in this post. There are a lot of reasons to do a first look, both emotionally and practically.

What is a First Look?

One of the most moving moments on a wedding day is the first look. You eventually get to meet each other before the aisle moment after getting ready. A first look gives you and your significant other the chance to connect, reflect, and celebrate separately from the chaos of the wedding day. I can't begin to describe how adorable it is when he first notices you in your dress, and you get to witness how handsome your sweetie is. First looks are quite popular since they create some of your wedding day's most candid photographs. There is a tonne more benefits as well!

‍Just the Two of You

I am a big fan of having a first look. Being with your closest family and friends is only one of the reasons that make wedding days so special. This also implies that you won't have a lot of alone time on your wedding day, simply the two of you. As your photographer, I disappear into the background to give you that rare opportunity to experience the excitement of what is about to happen.

Being so intently focused on one another and being alone with your spouse lets you let your guard down completely. The first look makes for some of the most natural, candid, and endearing photos from a photography standpoint. These photos are a favourite among my couples!

Calm Any Nerves With a First Look

First glances are a wonderful way to calm any nerves before the big moment on your wedding day. You are each other's grounding force when you are connected. You get to express your love for and enthusiasm for the amazing journey you are about to embark on!

Being the centre of attention might be scary, but some brides have told me that seeing their future spouse before the wedding made them feel more at ease about walking down the aisle. After your wedding, you'll be focused on getting to the reception and partying with friends so that taking photographs can be distracting. You will be better able to be totally present if you perform a first look earlier in the day.

Because they can feel stronger emotions in a private, intimate moment rather than in front of everyone at their wedding, guys tend to value it more. My favourite part of getting a couple ready for the first look is standing next to the guy and taking a deep breath with him. Your guy is quite anxious and enthusiastic because this is his big moment. To sum up, having a guy's first glance at his bride in front of everyone can be highly traumatic!

‍Your Wedding Party (and Family) Will Love a First Look

Here's why wedding parties adore first looks. I invite your wedding party to join me and begin photographing them as soon as possible after your first look and a few bride and groom photographs. Because they are looking their best and freshest, the bridesmaids adore this. They just did their hair and makeup, don't have sore feet from standing during the ceremony in their heels, aren't dehydrated or hungry, and don't have mascara streaming from their tears. The guys adore it because they can go directly to the bar after the ceremony!

I enjoy taking the opportunity to shoot some formal pictures of your immediate family after I have finished with the wedding party. I limit it to close relatives so I have plenty of time to take the larger group shots and some more intimate "breakouts" before your ceremony. This way, I can have pictures of both sides in groups, just you and your mother, or just you and your siblings, etc.

‍Timeline Advantages

The reality that doing a first look will provide you with a timeline advantage is unquestionably one of the most compelling reasons to do one.

You will have more time to spend together on your wedding day if you have a first look. The initial look, however, also grants you some outstanding benefits that open up your schedule and make the most of your time with your photographer. We adore using these timetable benefits at first look weddings since we believe they are ideal for you, your family, and your close friends.

With a first look, you can take photos of your wedding party and extended family before the ceremony. We are pretty close to the ceremony at this point in your timeline. At this point, we send you guys off to relax and get ready for the ceremony while I take photos of the setup and arrival of your guests.

You won't need a wide gap between your ceremony and reception because the "hard lifting" for the images is completed before the ceremony when you integrate a first look! The people that matter most to you, your family and wedding party, may start enjoying the party you've planned as soon as cocktail hour begins. How amazing is that?

More Time With Your Wedding Guests

During the cocktail hour, as your guests begin to arrive, I will swiftly whisk you two away for 20 to 30 minutes so that we may do some husband and wife portraits. You know all those delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks you picked out, you know we just need you for a little period of time for photographs? Yes, you can take pleasure in those. Want to reconnect with an aunt, relative, or acquaintance you haven't seen in a while? You can enjoy the most of your cocktail hour, so join them. While you unwind and have fun, we will record the details of your celebration!

You now have the chance to travel a little more before the ceremony and go off-site to a place that better suits your demands and aesthetics, thanks to the timeline flexibility that a first look creates.

I usually advise my clients to select a photography location that can be used in all weather conditions. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, this isn't always possible when photos take place between the ceremony and reception. When considering the benefits of a first look, it's important to go beyond that particular moment and understand that it offers you the freedom to choose the ideal place for your wedding photos while still arriving on time for the ceremony.

Better Guest Experience

Enhancing the guest experience is a further reason for doing a first look. There are ways to provide entertainment for your guests on your wedding day, such as hiring musicians or a picture booth for the cocktail hour, but they will all love it considerably more if you are present. Both you and other people desire to socialize with your visitors. The guest experience and the chances to get priceless candid memories are substantially diminished when you skip your own cocktail hour.

You may give yourself and your guests the gift of being fully present (both physically and emotionally!) during cocktail hour by conducting a first look. What is better than that?A Safe Space for Anxiety + Emotions

One of the more intimate justifications for performing a first look has to do with emotions and anxiety. It may be a very emotional moment when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day, and not all couples are comfortable with this happening in front of all of their guests as they are walking down the aisle. A first glance is a great option for people who want to be open and vulnerable on their wedding day but may not want to do so in front of 100+ guests.

More Photos!

I am not just passionate about taking pictures, but also about capturing genuine, authentic moments. A first glance is a highly emotional moment, and there are many minor details and transitional periods to document. As a bonus, you receive a lot more pictures when you get a first glance!

The most impactful photographs are those in which you are at your most vulnerable and feeling your emotions. You'll feel most alive at that time. These pictures will rank among your most priceless possessions!

‍Final Thoughts

There is no right or wrong way to schedule your wedding day, but if you're looking for reasons for having a first look, know that there are plenty that are both practical and sentimental. Whether it happens during a walk down the aisle or in a private location, the first moment you see each other will be incredible and serve as the foundation for a lifetime of memories.