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Lightroom Tip 1 - Keyboard Shortcuts in Lightroom Classic CC

These are a few of the keyboard shortcuts that I use every day. It will definitely speed up tasks that would normally take double or triple the time to do if you were to only navigate the menus with a mouse. Note: These are shortcuts for the macOS. 

Lightroom Tip 2 - Auto Tone (⌘U)

Using Auto Tone, Lightroom will intelligently tweak your photo’s highlights, shadows, exposure, clarity, etc. This is really meant for the very beginning of your editing workflow. It's a jumping off point to make more refined adjustments.

Lightroom Tip 3 - Resetting Your Edits in Lightroom

Don't think you're limited to clearing your edits with the big "Reset" button in Lightroom Classic. What if you're generally happy with your edits but want to make adjustments to only a few sliders? Simply double click on the slider text (Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, etc.) and watch the slider move back to zero.

Lightroom Tip 4 - Use the Angle tool in the Lightroom Crop section to Straightening the Horizon

The Develop module contains tools and controls for cropping and straightening photos. Lightroom Classic CC crop and straighten controls work by first setting a crop boundary, and then moving and rotating the image in relation to the crop boundary. Or, you can use more traditional crop and straighten tools and drag directly in the photo.

As you adjust the crop overlay or move the image, Lightroom Classic CC displays a grid of thirds within the outline to help you compose your final image. As you rotate an image, a finer grid appears to help you align to the straight lines in the image.

Lightroom Tip 5 - Before and After ('Y' and '\')

A couple of keyboard shortcuts makes it really easy to see your before/after photos. The standard preview shows you the two photos next to each other, but that’s typically not the view I prefer. Instead, just hit the backslash key (\). Press it once and you’ll see the Before image. Then press it again and you’ll see your current After image. 

Lightroom Tip 6 - Clipping Lightroom Tutorial ('J')

Lightroom has a targeted adjustment tool that makes it easy to fine-tune specific parts of an image, like the sky. You can turn these warning colours on or off in several different ways. Simply press the J key to show or hide the are areas that are took dark (in blue) or too light (red) helping you deal with under- and over-exposed areas of an image.

Lightroom Tip 7 - Crop Overlays Lightroom Tips and Tricks

One of my most used tool in Lightroom Classic is the cropping tool. It's an essential tool when creating a particular effect to the composition of a photo. While it's well-known how to click and drag each edge to get the crop we want, the tool is much more powerful than that. Lightroom Classic has a powerful set of lesser-known crop overlays. By default, Lightroom  presents a grid representing the Rule of Thirds when you crop. It's easy to toggle through several other options - including a grid, rule of thirds, diagonal, triangle, golden ratio, golden spiral and aspect ratios. Just hit the 'O' key to toggle through them.

Lightroom Tip 8 - Lights Out Using L and SHIFT-L and Bonus Tip

Remove distractions while editing by using lights out mode in Lightroom. Just hit 'L' and everything but the photos go dark.

Lightroom Tip 9 - Creating Virtual Copies for Clients and Instagram

It's easy to create multiple copies of the same image without duplicating it on your hard drive. This makes it very easy when you're creating editing variations for a client or for your Instagram feed. This also means that you don't need to take up valuable space on your computer.

Lightroom Tip 10 - Rating System - Keep Your Lightroom Library Organized

In the Library module, photos can display rating stars, flags, and colour labels, depending on the view options you set.



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